How Can We Create Peace?

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Making Peace is a major public (indoor/outdoor) event that aims to teach the public, especially young people what key elements are necessary to create a ‘sustainable peace’; providing an opportunity for people of all ages to get involved in bringing about positive change. Activities include a large outdoor photographic exhibition curated by Ashley Woods (formerly with Magnum Photos) that pays tribute to the people who — all over the planet — devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of peace.

That is how describes its mission its homepage. In 2010, Making Peace was founded in honour of the 100-year-jubilee of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the International Peace Bureau (IPB) in 1910. The International Peace Bureau stands for the vision of a World Without War.

Our current main programme centres on Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development and we campaign mainly on the reduction of military expenditure. We believe that by reducing funding for the military sector, significant amounts of money would be available for social projects domestically or abroad and lead to the fulfilling of real human needs and general development. At the same time, we support different disarmament campaigns and provide them with knowledge about the economic dimensions of weapons and conflicts.

Making Peace organizes several events throughout the year in different cities worldwide. The next one will be in October 2014 in Cape Town as the host city of the 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. In 2014 Making Peace has already held events in Sarajevo and Basel as well.

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