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Taiwan’s Student Movement: Sunflowers Against Trade Pact with China

Angry protesters opposed to trade pact with China

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„Everywhere Taksim, Everywhere Resistance!“

See Arnold Pöschl and Hans Hochstöger's portraits of young protestors from Gezi park

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November weekly Protest in Bil’in

The small town of Bil’in near Ramallah in occupied Palestine is well known for one thing: resistance.

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Street Art

Collection of street art starting.

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With David Pope’s cartoon about the NSA’s surveillance programme Prism, we start our collection of great cartoons.

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Documentaries Play Only to Cultures of Comfort? Article in IndieWire (Sean Farnel)

Everyday Rebellions on The European Doc Fest Circuit

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Protest for AMINA

Femen is protesting for the Tunesian activist AMINA and calls for support.

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Femen “Shut up!”

The activists of Femen attacking the Pope in the Varican and protesting naked for gay marriage.

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Ping Pong Balls for Assad

A great and bouncing way to get a message across.

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