A shocking visualization of people killed in the last century gives hope

Memorial Day's reminder of the horrors of World War II

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Creating Space for Women in India’s Ekta Parishad

What do the best women leaders need?

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Fighting Fracking in the UK

Grandmothers Lead UKwide Wave Direct Action against Fracking

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North Korea to Publish Human Rights Report Promising ‘Rosy Future’

North Korea Promises "Rosy Future" for Human Rights

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Why Being Human Matters for the People of Gaza and the World

Why Humans Matter and Why Dehumanization Leads to Violence ...

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everydayrebellion.net presents: Message of the Riahi Brothers to the Italian Audience

Watch the message from the Riahi Brothers to the Italian audience ...

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App Turns Power Button Into Panic Button for Activists at Risk

Amnesty has launched an open-source 'Panic Button' app designed to help human rights activists at risk from attack, kidnap or torture.

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Everyday Rebellion Screening und Anschlussgespräch mit Inna Shevchenko (FEMEN)

Gespräch mit Inna Shevchenko und den Riahi Brothers über den Film und die aktuelle Situation in der Ukraine. Sei dabei!!!

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Everyday Rebellion Videoblog auf derStandard.at

Jeden Dienstag mit einem neuen Video über kreative Formen des gewaltfreien Protests ...

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The Sound Of Everyday Rebellion
(Urbs Von Karuan Remix)

Check out the new Remix of Everyday Rebellion - The Art of Dance ...

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Everyday Rebellion Official Trailer (deutsch)

Watch the new trailer of Everyday Rebellion - the movie! (german/deutsch)

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Everyday Rebellion Trailer (Official)

Watch the new trailer of Everyday Rebellion - the movie!

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Iran Voices: New Site Polls Citizens on Local Government

A new website calls for accountability from local authorities with an online survey of citizens.

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Non-Violent Activist Razan Zaitouneh and her Team Kidnapped in Syria

Most prominent Non-Violent activists and human rights defenders were kidnapped in Syria

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The Iran Report

An insight into political, economic and social developments in Iran

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“…a Contemporary Document, and also a Call for a Utopia.” (Karin Schiefer, AFC)

Interview with Arman und Arash T. Riahi by Karin Schiefer

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Egyptian Activists Arrested Under New Anti-Protest Law

Egyptian citizens being denied the right to protest and to defend themselves in a civilian court

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Ukraine Protests: Students Join Demonstrations In Kiev Over EU Deal

Ukrainian's pro-European sentiment rises as Russian pressure increases

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Mike Bonanno about Everyday Rebellion

What Mike Bonanno from the Yes Men thinks about Everyday Rebellion.

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From Quebec to Spain: Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Democracy

Countries are creating laws to prevent people from expressing their discontent

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Inna Shevchenko about Everyday Rebellion

Watch what Inna Shevchenko thinks about Everyday Rebellion

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Hawaii’s Big Island bans GMO

Biotech companies kept away from the main Hawaii’s Island.

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1,000 Days of House Arrest

Three Green Movement Leaders under House Arrest.

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Egypt: Satirist Bassem Youssef´s Show Censored

“If your regime isn't strong enough to take a joke, then you don't actually have a regime”

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Bulgarian Students Protest for Change

‘Wake up!’ Bulgarian students take to the streets to change [their] future ...

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Everyday Rebellion wins Award for Transmedial Storytelling

Arash and Arman T. Riahi won in the »Transmedial« category at the "B3 Biennale des bewegten Bildes" ...

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The B3 Moving Image Biennial

Lecture and screening on 2 November 2013

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World Premiere of Everyday Rebellion

Save the date: 13 November 2013

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Iranian Student Leader Majid Tavakoli Is Out on Bail

Majid Tavakoli is temporarily free after four years in jail ...

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Seeking Protection in Bulgaria

A country that calls for rapid action! Bulgaria's refugee crisis ...

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