The Protestor’s Manual

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The Protestor’s Manual is a platform designed to pool experience related to protests and various forms of civil activity and solidarity. The idea to create it belongs to artists and scientists from the Danube region who gathered in Russe to take part in flow festival 2012 – festival of conversation for culture and science.

At that point in time the protests to protect Bulgarian forests had already taken place during the summer of 2012; so has “The Park is Ours” civil initiative in Bosnia. These brought the authors to the idea that it would be useful to examine the ways in which the Balkan people react to undoubtedly similar problems resulting from the transition period and some specificities of the democracy in the region.

The project team consists of representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ani Marinova, Dražen Crnomat, Mihail Zhekunov, Svetozar Krstić , Saša Kuzmanović .

Download the Protestor’s Manual here

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