Learn from the Gezi people how to occupy a building (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Occupy - Protest Tip

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Creating Space for Women in India’s Ekta Parishad

What do the best women leaders need?

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Ai Weiwei’s Flower Protest

NYTimes interview with Weiwei about his Flower Protest

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North Korea to Publish Human Rights Report Promising ‘Rosy Future’

North Korea Promises "Rosy Future" for Human Rights

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We Are Many: Home free

A story of how Tim Aye-Hardy evaded and escaped a brutally repressive regime ...

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‘Bangkok Shutdown’ Begins in Thailand

Thousands of people have occupied various busy parts of Bangkok

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‘We Are Not Fine!’ Posters Go Viral at South Korea’s Universities

One student's conscience and courage has shaken up the whole country

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Flotilla unsettles Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua

Awakening solidarity through “cultural exchange” in West Papua ...

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10 Bangkok Rallies That Almost Toppled the Government

Read what political impact rallies really have

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“Lantern” Helps China’s Web Users Dodge Censors Through Trusted Friends

The fight in a censored China using technology to invite friends into a “trust network”

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India’s Gulabi Gang – A Community Effort for All

We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — India’s Gulabi Gang

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Maldives – “Silent Protest”

‘Silent Protest’ Demands Elections in Maldives ...

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Ni Yulan Released from Jail

A disabled Chinese activist whose imprisonment caused international concern has been released from prison.

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Malala Yousafzai Nominated for Sakharov Prize

Young girl bringing awareness to women's right for education.

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Musicians to Free Pussy Riot Members

More than 100 musicians from around the world have signed an open letter urging the Russian authorities to release the jailed members of Pussy Riot.

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Who was Badshah Khan?

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan came to be known, over his objections, as the “Frontier Gandhi.”

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Snowden Delivered a Statement to Human Rights Organizations

Edward Joseph Snowden delivered a statement to human rights organizations and individuals.

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Blank Noise Wants Bangalore’s ›Rapist Lane‹ Safe

Blank Noise fights against sexual violence in Bangalore's 'Rapist Lane' ...

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Chinese Anti-Chem Protest Goes Viral and Wins

China: Shifang students prevent copper plant construction ...

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Womens Rights Graffitis in Taliban Territory

A video portrait of Malina Suliman, a female graffiti artist working in Taliban territory.

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Citizen Media in Pakistan

Matisse Bustos Hawkes´ (Witness) video conversation with Pakistani blogger Faisal Kapadia is about how citizen journalists and others are using video.

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Walking for Freedom in India (Trailer)

Jan Satyagraha 2012 is—literally—a movement for another India with equal opportunity, justice and peace. Trailer from march 2012.

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