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‘Bangkok Shutdown’ Begins in Thailand

Thousands of people have occupied various busy parts of Bangkok

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Iran Voices: New Site Polls Citizens on Local Government

A new website calls for accountability from local authorities with an online survey of citizens.

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5 overlooked activist victories in 2013

What overlooked 2013 activist victories are we overlooking?

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Ukrainians Demand Justice for Euromaidan’s Beaten & Jailed Protesters

Helping Bankova prisoners and other victims of repressions ...

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Egyptian Activists Arrested Under New Anti-Protest Law

Egyptian citizens being denied the right to protest and to defend themselves in a civilian court

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From Quebec to Spain: Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Democracy

Countries are creating laws to prevent people from expressing their discontent

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Hawaii’s Big Island bans GMO

Biotech companies kept away from the main Hawaii’s Island.

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GMO Corn Suspended in Mexico

In Mexico, genetically-engineered corn has been banned indefinitely.

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FEMEN Group Accuse Police of Planting Guns

Ukranian feminist group FEMEN was accused of plating guns and raid ...

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Running for Peace

How the biggest sports event in the Middle East unites people from opposing political and religious communities ...

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The Spirit of Revolt

There are periods in life of human society when revolution becomes a necessity!

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S. Popovic: How to Use Different Triggers for Social Change

Think about how using different triggers in achieveing the social change.

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Bulgarian Protesters Blocked Parliament in Sofia

Protesters have blocked the doors of Bulgaria's parliament amid mass daily rallies against government corruption.

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Who was Badshah Khan?

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan came to be known, over his objections, as the “Frontier Gandhi.”

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Why Silent on Snowden?

While America was still in the throws of the Trayvon Martin case, Edward Snowden was quietly nominated for the Nobel Peace prize ...

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Snowden Delivered a Statement to Human Rights Organizations

Edward Joseph Snowden delivered a statement to human rights organizations and individuals.

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Concerned U.S. Students ›interview‹ NSA Recruiters

Students having an revealing exchange with NSA recruiters.

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