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Everyday Rebellion Videoblog: Creating Crisis to Make Positive Change

Lisa Fithian about the importance of breathing & the celebration of life ...

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Blog Notes from an NYC Occupier in Taksim Square

Check out the exclusive interview with Occupy Wall Street organizer Justin Wedes!

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Histories Hidden by What We Call Democracy

How can we offer true democratic access for blacks and people of color?

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Horizontal Organizing

Lisa Fithian ist eine US-amerikanische Aktivistin und Trainerin aus New York. Seit Mitte der 1970er-Jahre setzt sie sich für gewaltlose soziale Veränderungen ein.

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Watch an amazing Occupy Wall Street protest action in Citibank

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The Rioter Choreography

Monica Hunken and Amin Husain of "Occupy Wall Street" on how to choreograph actions in the street.

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