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Nazis against Nazis — Extremist rally turned into charity run

Banners and road markings tell the participants of a Nazi rally how much money they raised against themselves.

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9 Extraordinary Ways to Use the Tools of Your Trade in Protest

Different ways how to use tools of trades in protest.

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Smiling Faces Fight Against the Suggested Public Laughter Ban

Turkish women post pictures in gleeful protest against suggested public laughter ban ...

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Everyday Rebellion Videoblog: Let Your Oppenent Look Stupid

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Protest Tips

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Reverend Billy Faces a Year in Prison for JP Morgan Chase Toad Protest

Taking action against investors in greenhouse gas-emitting industries

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How Activists Become Laughtivists

Protest with humor! Srdja Popovic and Mladen Joksic explain, how 'Laughtivism' can overthrow dictatorships.

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Campaign Material for »El Candigato«

Election campaign material and merchandise articles featuring Morris, the candicat.

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Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat!

The election campaign for »Morris, the candicat« is gaining widespread popularity.

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L’Arche de Munich, an Ironic Housing Project for the Filthy Rich*

The Munich housing initiative “Goldgrund” published ironic plans for extremely expensive housing projects.

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Gorilla Action, Renovating Against Rising Rents*

Different artists gathered to renovate an appartment, which had been declared "uninhabitable" to make way for new expensive housing.

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S. Popovic on Humor

"Humor is the key to success against your oppressors!"

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The Power of Laughtivism

Check out Srdja Popovics TEDx speech!

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Watch an amazing Occupy Wall Street protest action in Citibank

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YouTube Censors Reverend Billy

7 Feb 2013 – YouTube deleted Reverend Billy´s Videos. This is his comment on it.

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Sex Strike

If you don't get what you want, then withdraw your services...

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Go through Difficulties with Humor

Jeudi Noir tackle the bad housing situation in Paris—and have a plan to change it.

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flo6x8: Flamenco Flash Mob

Flamenco Flash Mob by flo6x8 inside a bank in Sevilla, Spain, to protest against the financial system.

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Five Reasons to Get Naked (in Protest)

Nadine Bloch writes about nudity in protest and the different movements that use naked protest as a method of creative non-violent resistance worldwide, such as Femen. The article also focuses on the history of naked protest and was edited by our friends from Waging Nonviolence.

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