S. Popovic: Power (Spanish Version)

Srdja Popovic's next tip on nonviolent struggle is about how to turn people in power to join the movement

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The Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video

Attention Human Rights Activists: Learn How to Archive Your Video with our New Guide!

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Enter the World of Creative Non-Violence. Take Part.

The Return of Dictator Ben Ali

The video shows an intervention by Engagement Citoyen: The Return of Ben Ali.

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A cross-media project on creative nonviolent tactics.

Gorilla Action, Renovating Against Rising Rents*

Different artists gathered to renovate an appartment, which had been declared "uninhabitable" to make way for new expensive housing.

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Everyday Rebellion – Slogans Download

Download Everyday Rebellion Slogans

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With David Pope’s cartoon about the NSA’s surveillance programme Prism, we start our collection of great cartoons.

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“Estudiantes por la Libertad” in Chile

Estudiantes por la Libertad Attendees Travel from More than 15 Nations.

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Stop Hoping. Make it Happen.

Street Art

Collection of street art starting.

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Send Us More Examples of Creative Resistance.

November weekly Protest in Bil’in

The small town of Bil’in near Ramallah in occupied Palestine is well known for one thing: resistance.

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100 Kisses of Resistance

›Kiss protest‹ held at a Turkey subway station ...

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