Ukrainians Demand Justice for Euromaidan’s Beaten & Jailed Protesters

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The Euromaidan protests in Ukraine have entered their second month, with several hudred thousand protesters gathering in Kyiv and other cities daily. The movement began as a pro-EU demonstration mostly by young people in response to a halted Ukraine-EU agreement that would bring Ukraine significantly closer to the European Union. After the brutal beating of students and other protesters by the riot police division known as “Berkut” on the early morning of November 30, 2013, the daily rallies turned into a nation-wide anti-government protest.

A video shows a “lying picket” under the Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated by the Democratic Alliance. Activists lie on the steps of the building forcing employees to literally step over them, just like they “step over the law”.

A group of human rights activists set up a separate Facebook page called “Euromaidan – SOS” [uk] to offer free legal assistance to everyone facing repression due to participation in Euromaidan.

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