The Tactics of Movimiento 15-M

Anaïs & María are members of the Movimiento 15-M. They talk about some of their most important tactics.

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Paolo About Movimiento 15-M

Paolo Pistolesi is a member of the Movimiento 15-M and is primarily responsible for the commission "Audiovisión".

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Jeudi Noir – To Go All Out with Humor

Armed with costumes and fake bank notes young Parisians are hitting the city´s real estate scene in a humorous way.

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Ernesto M. Banda About 15-M

Carlos Ernesto Mondada Banda is member of the "Vivienda" commission and the work group "Ocupación" of the Movement 15-M.

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Lexxus Légal on Musician’s Power

›Musician´s power and the art of peace‹

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Ruba Al-Breams Appeal to All Women

›It´s time to speak up!‹

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Everyday Rebellion Teaser

Download the Everyday Rebellion Trailer

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Grants from Humanity In Action

up to €50,000 in grants for innovative projects

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Women Against Islamism

A Femen protest in Paris, April 3, 2013.

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Protest for AMINA

Femen is protesting for the Tunesian activist AMINA and calls for support.

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