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The movie—as well as the entire Everyday rebellion project—is a tribute to the creativity of non-violent resistance. The cinematic essay portrays movements and activists that fight against new and old borders of political and social paradigms around the world. The film focuses on the pictures of the protest methods in different worldwide conflicts.

Filmmakers Arash and Arman T. Riahi accompany protagonists, explore tactics and methods, collect poses and gestures of rebellion and compare them in regard to similarity, adaption and innovation. Following up early political films and the ideas of agitprop, the project is defined as a cut surface between theory, art and activism – both in form and content.

By referring to the cross-media part of the Everyday Rebellion project, the film is blasting the margins of genre definitions. The Riahi brothers continue the narration process of the film in different other medias– and therewith the expansion of cinematic texture – by transferring it to the versatile appearance and to the parameters of modern online media.

The film covers nonviolent activities in Spain (15M), Syria, USA (Occupy Wallstreet), Iran, Venezuela, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Jordan, India…Featuring activists like The Yes Men!, Srdja Popovic, Inna Shevchenko/Femen, John Jackson, Reverend Billy, Lisa Fithian, Waging Non Violence and many more…

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