The Tactics of Movimiento 15-M

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On Sunday, the 15th of May 2011, a week before the regional and municipal elections in Spain, non-violent, independent demonstrations started in Madrid and 58 other cities in the country. A camp started growing in the city centre at the Plaza del Sol. This movement which criticises social, economic and political injustices and is organized mostly through social media, is known as Movimiento 15-M (Movement May, 15) or Los Indignados  (The Outraged). The Spanish mass phenomenon inspired the international ‘Occupy’-Movement’ and triggered the occupation of public places in New York, London, Berlin and Vienna.

Members of the so-called 15-M don´t feel represented by the actual two-party system and criticize especially the Government’s handling of the financial crisis as well as the high unemployment rates, particularly among young qualified people. Meanwhile, the Movimiento 15-M has has extended to many parts of the city as well as to many parts of the country where community meetings take place regularly.

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