Jeudi Noir – To Go All Out with Humor

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For more than a year young Parisians have been hitting the city´s real estate scene in a humorous way. Armed with costumes and fake bank notes they undermine apartment viewings and even sometimes create spontaneous flash mobs. They know exactly how to attract media attention. They call themselves ‘Jeudi Noir’ (‘Black Thursday’). On the one hand, this name is reminiscent of the stock market crash in 1929 and on the other hand, it has its origins in a Parisian real estate paper which is published weekly, every Thursday. The activists are protesting against rack-renting and  demand a legislative solution which prohibits landlords being able to increase rents. Jeudi Noir occupy prominent places in Paris to attract politicians’ attention. They will carry on with theses actions at least for the next few years, until enough public housing becomes available.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When I began to study the history of urban disaster years ago, I found such unexpected exhibitions of that kind of joy again and again, uniting the generative moments of protests, demonstrations, revolts, and revolutions with the aftermath of some disasters. Even when the losses were terrible, the ways that people came together to meet the occasion were almost always inspiring.

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