“…a Contemporary Document, and also a Call for a Utopia.” (Karin Schiefer, AFC)

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Everyday Rebellion is a contemporary document, and also a call for a utopia. The Riahi Brothers on their cross media documentary project that was recently acclaimed by the CPH:DOX audience.

What awakened your consciousness of the phenomenon of civil disobedience and non-violent resistance?
Arash T. Riahi: We became conscious of the tactics of non-violent resistance after noticing that movements like the Arab Spring, 15M in Spain and America’s Occupy were structured in quite similar ways: On the whole they’re non-violent and have an extremely horizontal hierarchy without a leader. It was interesting to suddenly recognize a pattern. In the beginning we tried to answer the question of what these movements have in common, to what extent they’re influencing and inspiring each other. We ended up actually finding these connections.

Arman T. Riahi: Because we belong to the same family, which suffered from political persecution, the ideal of political resistance was very familiar. Our parents instilled in us the conviction that you have to shun violence, and violence can’t be answered with violence.

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