Fighting Pakistan’s YouTube Ban, One Hug at a Time

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Youtube has been banned in Pakistan for more than a year, but the love for the video-sharing site in the country has not died. Many Pakistanis use proxy or VPN services to use it and Pakistan For All (PFA), a group of citizens outraged by the persecution of minorities in Pakistan, is speaking up for Youtube’s return. Resolved to stand in the way of those who seek to oppress others, PFA have recently released a clip on video-sharing site Vimeo were YouTube mascot walks around with a placard saying: “If you want me back, hug me.”

“This is crucial for a country like Pakistan where education is dispensed unevenly and which has one of the largest youth populations in the world.” said Ziad Zafar from Pakistan For All

Read more on Global Voices and watch the video on Vimeo

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