El Far3i: A song on civil resistance in the Middle East

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The Palestinian songwriter, percussionist and vocalist El Far3i believes in the power of his music. Based in Amman (Jordan), El Far3i tries to approach the political issues in Palestine through an humorous perspective and without aggression. Nevertheless, he thinks that sometimes it is necessary to “fight fire with fire”.  But to change the way people think, you have to spread your ideas and work on yourself.

El Far3i’s music can be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Arabic Folk and Acoustic Rap. As a youngster, the singer was passionate about classical arabic poetry. Nowadays he writes songs about political and social issues concerning his country. His song “Civil Resistance” is a plea for respect and an invitation for everybody to join the resistance movement.

El Far3i’s homepage:

Lyrics of “Civil Resistance” (English):

Chorus: “Do you know that … is a form of resistance?”

“Civil resistance makes the enemy nervous and relaxes my body.

You underline my descent and call yourself Jewish.

Allow Palestine to be pluralistic.

Even your generation respects my thoughts.

Lay mines in the desert and build checkpoints in the wilderness.

Fade away all by yourself without my decision.

It’s not about the money, you can try to destroy my persistence.

I don’t have to set you on fire or urinate on you in a refugee camp.

The latter depends on you, but my dissemination kills you.

Everyday we learn something new and teach many.

And we pay you even more, you know that?”


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