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Why Being Human Matters for the People of Gaza and the World

Why Humans Matter and Why Dehumanization Leads to Violence ...

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November weekly Protest in Bil’in

The small town of Bil’in near Ramallah in occupied Palestine is well known for one thing: resistance.

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The Iran Report

An insight into political, economic and social developments in Iran

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Fighting Pakistan’s YouTube Ban, One Hug at a Time

The fight for freedom and knowledge by a group of concerned citizens

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1,000 Days of House Arrest

Three Green Movement Leaders under House Arrest.

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Yemenis Looking for Action: TEDxSanaa 2013

TEDxSanaa 2013: Actions Matter!

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Iranian Student Leader Majid Tavakoli Is Out on Bail

Majid Tavakoli is temporarily free after four years in jail ...

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Palestine´s Nonviolent Hope

Palestinian families work together for a better life ...

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Saudi Cleric: Protect Ovaries, Don’t Let Women Drive!

"Ladies, leave these troglodytes in the dust!"

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A Safe Zone for Women

Syrian women organize for security, one tent at a time ...

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Running for Peace

How the biggest sports event in the Middle East unites people from opposing political and religious communities ...

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Ruba Al-Breams Appeal to All Women

›It´s time to speak up!‹

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Ruba Al-Breams Appell an alle Frauen

›Ich habe die Freiheit meine Prioritäten selbst zu bestimmen!‹

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Génération Révolution: Jumana Mustafa

Poète palestino-jordanienne, Jumana Mustafa, milite pour les droits de l’homme et la liberté d’opinion, et se bat pour la démocratie en Jordanie.

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Generation Revolution: Jumana Mustafa

Jumana Mustafa is a Palestinian and Jordan poet and fights for human rights, freedom of opinion and for a democratic Jordan.

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WARSHEH est une agence de design et de branding et loin de s’inspirer uniquement de thèmes politiques.

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Non violent arabe hip-hop

Amer Al-Taher est un rappeur jordanien et se bat pour obtenir le changement au sein du gouvernement, par le biais d’initiatives créatives et non-violentes.

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Nonviolent Arab Hip Hop

Amer Al-Taher is a Jordanian rapper who bravely seeks out change in government through creative and non-violent means.

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Warsheh is a graphic design and branding agency based in Amman who deal with political and social topics in their works.

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Silent Protest Tehran

Silent protest is taking place in Tehran after the second presidential elections.

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Silent Protest Rasht

Silent protest as a nonviolent method of protest action took place in Rasht in February 2009

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Ping Pong Balls for Assad

A great and bouncing way to get a message across.

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Trailer for Our Movie “Everyday Rebellion”

The real Trailer for the upcoming movie about the “Everyday Rebellion”.

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Blood Fountains Against the Civil War

Private video documenting a blood red fountain in Syria.

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Gewaltloser Arabischer Hip Hop

Als ›one man crew‹ reimt der jordanische Rapper aus Amman in pazifistischen Versen für eine gewaltfreie Revolution.

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Poesie und Rebellion: Jumana Mustafa

Jumana Mustafa gehört der Generation Revolution an.

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Struggling to Organize a New Syria

Blogger Rima Marrouch on how being free from government control does not mean being free from the reality of life in war.

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Israel and Iran—A Love Story?

Ronny Edry of Israel accidentally created an online movement for peace in the Middle East when he posted a Facebook image.

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