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How can democratic thinking be established in a country that has never experienced it before? Ashraf El Sharkawy knows Egypt only from his summer holidays. He was born in Germany to Egyptian parents. Driven by the urge to give something back to his ancestor’s country, Ashraf returns to Egypt to start a democratization campaign called „Freedom Bus“. But suspicion is rooted deeply in the minds of the people when the „foreigner“ and „liberal“ Ashraf wants to talk about why it is important to vote.

More about the documentary by Fatima Geza Abdollahyan

Watch the trailer on youtube

Read about the project “The Freedom Bus”:

Since December 2011, The Freedom Theatre‘s Freedom Bus has engaged thousands of Palestinians and people from abroad in cultural actions that address Israel’s practice of settler colonialism, military occupation and structural apartheid.

“This year, the Freedom Bus aims to reach over 3000 children, youth and adults in the Occupied West Bank, Egypt and Jordan. This project connects communities, otherwise divides, through the sharing of stories and interactive community theatre. There are thousand of stories still waiting to be told.”

Video: “this is what we mean when we talk about freedom


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