S. Popovic: Making Your Movement In

Learn about the importance of making your movement in!

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How a Small Brazilian Community Fought Big Powers and Won

450 families fought against the Brazilian government ...

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Closing The Rail Lines

Everyday citizens make a difference by fighting local coal pollution ...

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S. Popovic: The Role of Leadership

Which role does leadership play in nonviolent struggles?

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S. Popovic: Principles

S. Popovic talks about three principles of nonviolent struggle leading to success.

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Record Protests Sweep Bangladesh

Over 50,000 demand 'dignity' in garment industry where majority-female workforce faces dangerous conditions ...

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Freedom Bus

Freedom Bus: we explore what it really means to resist injustice through culture ...

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S. Popovic: Think About Your Strategy!

Things you must know, if you build a strategy for nonviolent struggle ...

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S. Popovic: Avoiding Violence

Srdja Popovic gives tips about how to avoid violence during your movement.

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How to Protest Without Violence

Read how to keep your protest peaceful.

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S. Popovic: Social Distance

Srdja Popovic explains how we can manage to bridge a social distance.

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Human Rights Channel

The YouTube Human Rights Channel is a central hub for citizen footage of human rights issues.

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S. Popovic: Group Identity

Srdja Popovic talks about the importance of a common culture for an efficient movement

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Sharp’s Dictionary of Nonviolent Power and Struggle

Download the PDF "Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts" by Gene Sharp.

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Afghanistan gets its first nonviolence training manual

How to organize a nonviolent campaign within Afghan society ...

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