How to Behave as a FEMEN Activist (1)

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Watch the first educational FEMEN video and be better prepared if you want to make
an action in FEMEN style!

Video featuring two of the members of FEMEN France who are now in a Tunisian jail
for the next 4 months because of a peaceful action.

Due to this occasion we want to express our solidarity with FEMEN. In this
video the fearless aggressive but peaceful activists explain how to rebel peacefully
as a FEMEN activist. Check it out!

More information:
FEMEN activists Josephine, Pauline and Marguerite got a prison sentence of
4 month. The three activists of the peaceful women´s movement FEMEN  were
protesting topless in front of the Tunis Court building demanding the
release of Amina, a Tunisian FEMEN activist. They were arrested on 29th of
May and “convicted of public indecency, undermining public morals, and
making noise disturbing peace, and sentenced to four months and one day in
prison. The three women intend to appeal their conviction.” as Amnesty
International reports.

Read Amnesty International´s article

Read more about international women´s movement FEMEN on


Rebellious greetings,
The Everyday Rebellion Team

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