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Articles Community Campaign

Spain – Activists Fight for their Housing Rights

Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement ...

Articles Creative Resistance

Yemenis Looking for Action: TEDxSanaa 2013

TEDxSanaa 2013: Actions Matter!

Articles Community Campaign

A Safe Zone for Women

Syrian women organize for security, one tent at a time ...

Articles Creative Resistance

Sharp’s Dictionary of Nonviolent Power and Struggle

Download the PDF "Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts" by Gene Sharp.

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10 Ways to Make Positive Change in the World

Sophie McAdams gives ten creative tips how to make positive change in the world.

Articles Protest Tips

Golden toad revival sweeps UK banks

Performance activist Reverend Billy and his choir bring extinct toads to the lobbies of the UK's most climate-change-inducing banks.

Articles Protest Worldwide

Beyond Bytes

The Iranian Internet between Freedom and Isolation.

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How to Change the World

If you had the chance, would you change the world?

Articles Protest Tips

There Are Realistic Alternatives

A short and serious introduction to nonviolent struggle by Gene Sharp.

Articles Protest Tips

S.Popovic on Exporting Revolution

Tutorial on how to export revolutions

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