A Safe Zone for Women

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Women in Syria are joining to build a safer place to live. The Jasmine Tent Project  is being planed by FREE-Syria which is conducting fundraising to build actual tends where women and girls can live safely. This project comes in a time when civil resistance in Syria is changing. People are looking for creative forms of civil disobedience so that they can be noticed but not be a target – many have died just by waiting together in bread lines. This new initiative is a way to provide for women from all cultures, ethnicities, religions or political backgrounds. They will be protected from various forms of repression and violence.

Assad regime’s has been responsible for great loss, hunger and particularly sexual torture. Jasmine Tents’s developers plan to open shortly in Atmeh Camp in Idlib and then go to other countries with despotic regimes. However the concept behind this project extends to all of society, so that women can have normal lives without fear of abuse.

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