Iran Voices: New Site Polls Citizens on Local Government

A new website calls for accountability from local authorities with an online survey of citizens.

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The Iran Report

An insight into political, economic and social developments in Iran

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1,000 Days of House Arrest

Three Green Movement Leaders under House Arrest.

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Iranian Student Leader Majid Tavakoli Is Out on Bail

Majid Tavakoli is temporarily free after four years in jail ...

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Beyond Bytes

The Iranian Internet between Freedom and Isolation.

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Election Hope for Iran´s Reformists?

12 Jun 2013 – Is Hassan Rowhani an election hope for Iran's reformists?

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Zahra For President – Iran 2013

Join Shirin Ebadi and others around the world to demand your right to fair and free elections!

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Silent Protest Rasht

Silent protest as a nonviolent method of protest action took place in Rasht in February 2009

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Trailer for Our Movie “Everyday Rebellion”

The real Trailer for the upcoming movie about the “Everyday Rebellion”.

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Israel and Iran—A Love Story?

Ronny Edry of Israel accidentally created an online movement for peace in the Middle East when he posted a Facebook image.

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We Love You — Iran and Israel

Ronny Edry calls for understanding between Israel and Iran.

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