S.Popovic on Exporting Revolution

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Srdja Popovic is a cofounder and key figure of the Serbian resistance movement “Otpor!”, whose led  Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 to the resignation in a non-violent way.  After the revolution, the activist became a member of the Serbian National Assembly for three years until he created in 2003 renowned organization CANVAS (Centre for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies).  With a transfer of strategic knowledge and tips in non-violent resistance, in the form of books and workshops, Popovic and CANVAS support democratic nonviolent movements worldwide. Popovic also translated literature about non-violent resistance and amongst other Gene Sharp’s work “From Dictatorship to Democracy”.

Recently CANVAS works with the movement of the 6th April in Egypt and with other non-violent revolutionary movements in the Middle East. The manual of the organization “Nonviolent Struggle, 50 Crucial Points” has been translated into 16 languages and during the protests in Iran in 2009 about 17.000 times downloaded.

More infos: CANVAS

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