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North Korea to Publish Human Rights Report Promising ‘Rosy Future’

North Korea Promises "Rosy Future" for Human Rights

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Tools of Protest: Disobedient Objects

A fascinating new exhibition celebrates the most unlikely protest objects ...

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How I became Anti-war: Britons Share Their Stories

Whether it's protests, petitions or simply how voting intentions changed. British people tell their stories of how they became anti-war

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Bulgaria – “Resign” Is Not Enough

Bulgaria's protests are diminishing, but the country remains in crisis.

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From Quebec to Spain: Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Democracy

Countries are creating laws to prevent people from expressing their discontent

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How to Stop Governments from Spying on Us

Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora.

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FEMEN Group Accuse Police of Planting Guns

Ukranian feminist group FEMEN was accused of plating guns and raid ...

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Golden Toads Resurrection Tour

Reverend Billy's singing activists dressed as extinct species demonstrated against irresponsible lending.

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PJ Harvey Has Released Song to Support Shaker Aamer

New PJ Harvey's song Shaker Aamer is to highlight the ongoing detention of the last Guantánamo Bay prisoner.

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Bulgarian Protesters Blocked Parliament in Sofia

Protesters have blocked the doors of Bulgaria's parliament amid mass daily rallies against government corruption.

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Dancing Against Sexual Harassment

After being sexually abused, Ellie Cosgrave decided to express her feelings through dancing ...

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Mapping the Protests

John Beiler and Josh Stevens created a map that shows protests around the world ...

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A Global Symbol of Anti-government Resistance

Ceyda Sungur showered with teargas in Gezi Park as she wanted to defend park from diggers.

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