“We Steal Secrets” and “Everyday Rebellion” – A New Era of Activists

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The last three or four years have been a landmark in protestant history: Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street movement, mass demonstrations in Spain, Greece and Turkey and WikiLeaks’ revelations of state secrets. “We Steal Secrets” and “Everyday Rebellion” capture a new era of activists!

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, was represented as a old world rebel in “We steal Secrets”, operating into hiding to destroy the system from within. But with fame, he was a visible figure without being ready for it, and visibility is both a weapon and a risk for activists. Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who has virtually emptied the military database for confidential documents and sent them to WikiLeaks, then become one of the everyday rebels who are the heroes of Riahi-Brothers film ‘Everyday Rebellion’. “We are ordinary people,” begins the movie whispering voice over. There is not a single revolutionary hero, a leader who is in power that can be identified, eliminated or corrupted.

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