Zahra For President – Iran 2013

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In 2009, Zahra and her family, along with millions of Iranians, took the streets to demand fair and free elections. Her son, Mehdi, disappeared and was later found dead. Zahra is running for the presidency of Iran so that future generations can live in a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous society. She fights for an Iran in which the voice and vote of all citizens count. Zahra’s vision for the future is an open, inclusive, and verdant society. In a sea of crony candidates controlled by Iran’s supreme leader, Zahra is the only candidate running on a human rights and democracy platform, and the only candidate calling for full equality of all Iranian citizens before the law. It is the Iranian people’s right to determine their own destiny in fair and free elections!

The Zahra for President Campaign is a collaboration between United for Iran and Zahra’s Paradise, two human rights initiatives launched in the aftermath of the 2009 presidential elections.
The purpose of this virtual campaign is to create a collaborative space for the voice, vote and vision of the Iranian people.
Zahras Campaign is sending postcards to the Iranian government demanding fair and free elections and the release of political prisoners, opposition candidates, as well as bloggers and journalists.

As Zahra’s platform spreads around the world, her supporters are building into a solid call, raising their voices for change. This past week, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi, added her name and support to Zahra, declaring “Fair and free elections are the first step in forming a democracy.”

Join Shirin Ebadi and others around the world to demand your right to fair and free elections!


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