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Learn from the Gezi people how to occupy a building (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Occupy - Protest Tip

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New Tactics Strategy Toolkit: Take Action

With a clear plan you can feel confident to take action. This is your road map getting you to your destination!

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North Korea to Publish Human Rights Report Promising ‘Rosy Future’

North Korea Promises "Rosy Future" for Human Rights

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John Jackson: Uruguay Dictatorship (Italian Version)

John Jackson explains how to fight dictatorship ...

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John Jackson: How to Use Your National Anthem for Your Protest

John Jackson explains how to use your national anthem for your protest.

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Ukrainians Demand Justice for Euromaidan’s Beaten & Jailed Protesters

Helping Bankova prisoners and other victims of repressions ...

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International Human Rights Day – “Write for Rights”

Taking action to protect abused people from around the world.

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Human Rights Channel

The YouTube Human Rights Channel is a central hub for citizen footage of human rights issues.

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Beyond Bytes

The Iranian Internet between Freedom and Isolation.

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I Talk Out Loud

A school organises a campaign against stoning in Iran ...

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Mali: Serious Human Rights Abuses Come to Light

Civilians have continued to suffer human rights abuses in Mali since the French army’s intervention in the country five months ago ...

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Zahra For President – Iran 2013

Join Shirin Ebadi and others around the world to demand your right to fair and free elections!

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