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Nazis against Nazis — Extremist rally turned into charity run

The citizens of Wunsiedel, turned a notorious annual Nazi rally into a charity run. They put up creative banners and marked the road with messages telling the participants of the rally how much money the had already raised for Exit, an … Continue reading

Campaign Material for »El Candigato«

Morris, the »Candigato« (candicat) for mayor in Xalapa, Mexico, is featured on T- Shirts, stickers, posters. Here are a few of them.

Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat!

Like in many places, also in Xalapa, Mexico, people are sick and tired of corrupt polititians. The election campaign for »Morris, the candicat« started as a joke, but is gaining more and more popularity from day to day. Yes we … Continue reading

Concerned U.S. Students ›interview‹ NSA Recruiters

Rough Transcript Me: You said earlier that the two tasks that you do: one is tracking down the communications of your adversaries and the other is protecting the communications of officials. So, do you consider Germany and the countries the … Continue reading


With David Pope’s cartoon about the NSA’s surveillance programme Prism, we start our collection of great cartoons, which we will expand regularly. We are looking forward to your contributions: Please send us your favourite political cartoons, and if possible, please … Continue reading

L’Arche de Munich, an Ironic Housing Project for the Filthy Rich*

The Munich housing initiative “Goldgrund” (“Golden Ground”) published ironic plans for extremely expensive housing projects. Many thought the plans were real, since in some ways they are not so far from the truth of the Munich housing market. Several newspapers and … Continue reading

Gorilla Action, Renovating Against Rising Rents*

In Munich/Germany, the already extremely high rents are constantly rising and forcing more and more people out of the city. Additionally, in order to make place for more profitable new buildings, older houses are often condemned as uninhabitable. In order … Continue reading

Wealth Inequality in America

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is. This video is shared under Creative … Continue reading

Womens Rights Graffitis in Taliban Territory

A video portrait of a female graffiti artist working in Taliban territory. Mutige Künstlerin in Afghanistan: Gefährliche Graffiti (Spiegel Online)

Ping Pong Balls for Assad

  A scene from the new Everyday Rebellion trailer, showing an impressive, bouncing, and – above all – effective way to get a message across in dangerous territory. Syrian pro democracy activists have started several actions where they have dumped … Continue reading

Trailer for Our Movie “Everyday Rebellion”

Everyday Rebellion The Art of Change What does the Occupy movement have in common with the Spanish Indignados or the Arab Spring? Is there a connection between the Iranian democracy movement and the Syrian struggle? And what is the link … Continue reading

Blood Fountains Against the Civil War

Blood red water is flowing through syrian fountains. It is Syrian dissidents message in response to the brutal actions from government forces. A private video show that activitsts have become highly creative in their struggle for freedom and have dyed … Continue reading

Struggling to Organize a New Syria

Large swaths of Syria have been out of government control for months, but even Syrians in liberated territory lack basic goods and still face government bombing campaigns. They may be free from government control, but they are not free from … Continue reading

Berlinale: Preview of Our New Website

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