Ruba Al-Breams Appell an alle Frauen

›Ich habe die Freiheit meine Prioritäten selbst zu bestimmen!‹

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Horizontal Organizing

Lisa Fithian ist eine US-amerikanische Aktivistin und Trainerin aus New York. Seit Mitte der 1970er-Jahre setzt sie sich für gewaltlose soziale Veränderungen ein.

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Lexxus Légal (CGO) über die Macht der Musik

›Die Macht der Musiker über die Kunst des Friedens‹

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Livestream as a Weapon / 15-M

Die sternförmigen Protestmärsche der Empörten.

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L’Arche de Munich, an Ironic Housing Project for the Filthy Rich*

The Munich housing initiative “Goldgrund” published ironic plans for extremely expensive housing projects.

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Gorilla Action, Renovating Against Rising Rents*

Different artists gathered to renovate an appartment, which had been declared "uninhabitable" to make way for new expensive housing.

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Femen “Shut up!”

The activists of Femen attacking the Pope in the Varican and protesting naked for gay marriage.

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›Actipedia‹ Crowdsourcing Platform Goes Public

The Yes Lab and the Center for Artistic Activism are announcing the launch of

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S. Popovic on Communications

Srdja Popovic about communications in nonviolent protest forms

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S. Popovic on Numbers

›Srdja Popovic is cofounder and key figure of the Serbian resistance movement "Otpor!‹

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S. Popovic on Obedience

"Obedience... try to break the habit!"

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S. Popovic on Humor

"Humor is the key to success against your oppressors!"

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Génération Révolution: Jumana Mustafa

Poète palestino-jordanienne, Jumana Mustafa, milite pour les droits de l’homme et la liberté d’opinion, et se bat pour la démocratie en Jordanie.

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Generation Revolution: Jumana Mustafa

Jumana Mustafa is a Palestinian and Jordan poet and fights for human rights, freedom of opinion and for a democratic Jordan.

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WARSHEH est une agence de design et de branding et loin de s’inspirer uniquement de thèmes politiques.

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Non violent arabe hip-hop

Amer Al-Taher est un rappeur jordanien et se bat pour obtenir le changement au sein du gouvernement, par le biais d’initiatives créatives et non-violentes.

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Nonviolent Arab Hip Hop

Amer Al-Taher is a Jordanian rapper who bravely seeks out change in government through creative and non-violent means.

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Warsheh is a graphic design and branding agency based in Amman who deal with political and social topics in their works.

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The Power of Laughtivism

Check out Srdja Popovics TEDx speech!

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Wealth Inequality in America

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America. The reality is often not what we think it is.

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