Everyday Rebellion Videoblog: Street Artist Urwa Wants People Power Back

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Urwa Mehrem is a street artist from Amman, who wants to bring positive change and to return people power to the street.

One of his project is to engage the community to clean up and beautify special neighborhood in Amman, Sahab, Jordan.  The neighborhood is full of stereotypes, bad habits and daily routines. The street is dirty, ignored from development organizations and devoid creativity and street culture. Urwa and the New Day project wishes to bring positive change to the street by bringing residents together to clean the street, paint wall murals ,build a bench, plant flowers and trees and put up a basketball court.  This neighborhood is important because it is where children walk on their way to school, where people pass to get to the mosque and playground.  It is a prime point of inspiration.   People in this town have never experienced such change in a street.  When the project is successful, it will be, according to Urwa, “an invitation to leave the TV and be a part of the street-culture, an invitation to change the air we breathe, to share and feel equal, to help the street voice to develop, to build upon peoples’ knowledge, and to return power to the street.”

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