How to Approach Public Acts of Racism

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In Canada, a 70-year-old woman was ridding a bus, when a man approached two probably Filipino women who were talking and laughing very loud. He was very rude, saying that they “were like monkeys in the forest and should return there“. This incident got this elderly women thinking about what would be the correct way to respond when someone is being racist in public.

Specialists say that “People are often paralyzed in that situation“ and it’s not easy to speak up, if everybody else reframes from confrontation. It won´t be easy but there are ways to make them know that you don’t agree with their attitude. You can say “That’s an inappropriate comment”, interject with “What?!” or “Really?“ and also approach the victim by saying something like “I’m sorry you had to hear that”. Then he is reminded that there are other people around who don’t agree with him.

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