YouTube Censors Reverend Billy

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7 Feb 2013 – YouTube deleted three videos of Rev. Billy. This is his comment on it:

“But what is YouTube censoring?
For one, my sermon after Hurricane Sandy. Its title is ‘Sandylujah!’
It is Earth-radical and passionate, but tell me what in it is defamatory? Does it incite a crime?
Am I insulting polluters? What is the unacceptable language here. Welcome to the new Puritanism, Dotcom style.
I would just say: Our language of environmentalism has not worked. Nobody is acting like Climate Change involves us or our children.
The modern pixelated mind does not deeply focus, is entertained constantly, has gone shopping.
We don’t have a PLANET CRIER. We have not lived up to the example of Rachel Carson, Aldo Leopold or Wangari Maathi.
That cry has to be heard when one of us tries.

–The Rev”

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