Learn from the Gezi people how to occupy a building (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Occupy - Protest Tip

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‘We Are Not Fine!’ Posters Go Viral at South Korea’s Universities

One student's conscience and courage has shaken up the whole country

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Anonymous “MillionMaskMarch” in London and Around the World

Thousands of people gathered on Guy Fawkes Day to "defend humanity "

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Meet “Crisis Creator” Lisa Fithian

“When people ask me, ‘What do you do?’ I say I create crisis, because crisis is that edge where change is possible.”

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Awards for Monsanto’s Lobbyists

The fight continues against Congress's opportunist decisions.

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Horizontal Organizing

Lisa Fithian ist eine US-amerikanische Aktivistin und Trainerin aus New York. Seit Mitte der 1970er-Jahre setzt sie sich für gewaltlose soziale Veränderungen ein.

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Watch an amazing Occupy Wall Street protest action in Citibank

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