28.07.2014: Resist the Eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia

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“Pizzeria Anarchia is a Squat in Vienna. Our house. For over 2 years we give our hopes and dreams to the Pizzeria Anarchia. We lived here together, sharing in our troubles and love. We’ve had discussions, workshops, community kitchen, actions and resistance against the unbearable status-quo of present day mainstream society and state. For 2 years now we have lived without a contract; we are still against entering into one. This condition is of course not accepted by Austrian law, hence an attempt to evict us will be made on 28.07.2014.

This is not just our fight. It is also a fight for our neighbours within the house who have been living here for many years with unlimited contracts. They are not directly affected by the eviction, but the owner of the house (Castella GMBH) has been pressuring them to move out for a long time. When we are gone, the owner will be able to pressure them again, because we cannot defend them anymore. The owner-company has plans to rebuild the house, and in these plans the flats of our friends, the neighbours, don´t exist anymore. For years they have lived in these flats and called them their homes, and they don’t want to leave.

During the time we are here the Pizzeria Anarchia has always been developing more and more into a resisting project, an eyesore, a loud ‘NO!’ in the face of society. We talk about our own problems and try to combat them. We try to find ways together, to survive the daily capitalistic nightmare. Finally we build up a centre of concrete resistance against real estate speculation and gentrification, in this district and the whole city.

Accommodation is a basic need which is treated as a commodity. Therefore we think the decision to fight for a place where we live without paying rent is a direct critic of the system. Rent, poverty, a lack of alternative housing options which are not treated with repression, and displacement of certain people; these things are part of a control system which stops us from living a self-determined lifestyle. This system is especially hard for people who are “inferior” in the view of the system: people who are studying the “wrong” subject, people without rich parents, people who are neither studying nor working, elderly people who have to deal with small pensions, illegal immagrants, refugees, people in precarious or low-paying jobs, single parents, ill or dependent persons, punks etc.

The Eviction date is 28.07 and we ask you from now onwards to come and help us prevent it.

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