An Ex-Muslim Woman for FEMEN

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Sick and tired of pretending to care about and follow Islam, Esha Athena in her blog writes about the fundamentalistic views of the Islamic community, in which her family is participating. She also critizises the illogical and contradictory rhetoric of the activists of MuslimahPride, which she considers suffering from Stockholm Syndome.

“I swear once I am free, I will give all I can to stand up against these stupid ideologies. No matter what they put me through, I will not be destroyed. I am not your typical daughter who will conform to your bigoted traditions. No body has the rights to take my liberty from me.  I am godless but I am not voiceless. I will rise! I will fight! Fuck this – I will start NOW!”

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And neither do you speak for Muslims who are happy to be Muslims and who do not feel one bit opresse..."

by Magi Aly, April 23, 2014