How to Stop Governments from Spying on Us

Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora.

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FEMEN Group Accuse Police of Planting Guns

Ukranian feminist group FEMEN was accused of plating guns and raid ...

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Running for Peace

How the biggest sports event in the Middle East unites people from opposing political and religious communities ...

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6 Steps To Stage a Social Protest

How to stage a social protest? This guide will help you to prepare and steer clear of pitfalls and problems.

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An Ex-Muslim Woman for FEMEN

Read an Ex-muslim opinion on Islamic fundamentalism

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How Hijab Protects Women From Sexual Harassment?

Sexually harassed in Pakistan, with or without a hijab ...

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S. Popovic: Put Your Opponent in a Dilemma!

Think about how to create a response dilemma for your opponent.

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How to Become a 21st-Century Social Activist

Want to make a difference in the world? Here's how you can become a 21st-century social activist!

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The Uprising of Women in the Arab World

Sally Zohney on Sexual Harassment in the Middle East ...

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The Spirit of Revolt

There are periods in life of human society when revolution becomes a necessity!

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The Power of Nonviolent Self-Defense

How can we handle dangerous encounters in a fair and nonviolent way, especially when inequalities of race come into play?

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S. Popovic: How to Use Different Triggers for Social Change

Think about how using different triggers in achieveing the social change.

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How Activists Become Laughtivists

Protest with humor! Srdja Popovic and Mladen Joksic explain, how 'Laughtivism' can overthrow dictatorships.

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Everyone Can Be Active!

There are many ways to be active although you are disabled.

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Ein Brief aus Istanbul / Teil 6

Ein Bericht über die Eindrücke der Studentin Judith Nahrwold in Istanbul...

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Fast-food Strikes Continue

People working in fast-food restaurants are calling for raise.

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10 Ways to Make Positive Change in the World

Sophie McAdams gives ten creative tips how to make positive change in the world.

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Golden Toads Resurrection Tour

Reverend Billy's singing activists dressed as extinct species demonstrated against irresponsible lending.

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PJ Harvey Has Released Song to Support Shaker Aamer

New PJ Harvey's song Shaker Aamer is to highlight the ongoing detention of the last Guantánamo Bay prisoner.

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