How Hijab Protects Women From Sexual Harassment?

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Everyday women in Pakistan have to deal with sexual harassement, regardless of how they are dressed. On the internet you can find statements like ‘if women choose the right to be naked it is our right to rape them’…       This blog will focus on two sexual assaults the author faced in her lifetime and a bit of her family’s history as well.

Rape is not about clothing. It as a conduit for which violence is expressed when someone is in a position of power. The sexual fantasy comes from that sadism, not the actual person’s nakedness. Old women are raped, ‘ugly’ women are raped, young children are raped, beautiful women are raped, men are raped. Most rapes occur in relationships and it is rare to be beaten up and dragged away to be raped !

Most women in Pakistan are covered, yet men stare at them and rub up against them in the streets. Some rub their crotches while they look at women and others are even bold enough to whip out their penises and press it against them. So tell me again how hijab protects women from sexual harassment?
How women are dressed DOES NOT give you the right to rape them!

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