Picidae: Break through the Internet Censorship

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The Autopilot generates a series of interrelated
videos, you can just sit back and watch.

Surfing the Internet and the world shrinks to the size of a village. The farthest regions are just one click away. But taking a closer look, the infinite freedom of a virtual space is just an illusion. Why does not even one single website from North Korea exist? Why there is no right wing extremist propaganda from Germany and not one single Pin-Up girl from Iran?

In many nations governments, Internet providers and Internet Services are observing, controlling and even blocking content. To overcome these limitations the Swiss artists Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud developed a web application called Picidae. It transforms websites into digital pictures, enabling users to overcome internet censorship. Picidae allows a glance into another world and opens a new prospective.

Watch the video and learn more about the project. The video is part of our  web series Creative Resistance: Inside The Creative Nonviolent Struggle.

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