Generation Revolution: Jumana Mustafa

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Jumana Mustafa is a Palestinian and Jordan poet and was born in 1977.

Some of her works which had been translated into several languages are, for example, “Ten Women” (2007), “Wild Beatitude” (2009), and “I Won’t Tell You What I Saw” (2012) published just recently.

She founded the festival “Poetry in Theaters” in Amman which celebrates poets and their classical theater work. It is held every spring.

Furthermore, she works as a journalist and fights for human rights, freedom of opinion, and for a democratic Jordan.

The theater “Amoun”, which burnt down one day before shooting this material, was Jumana’s favorite theater in Amman. She went there on a regular basis, both as a reciting artist and as a member of the audience. It is suggested that “Amoun” burnt down due to an accident. As the operators of the theater were not insured, neither Jumana Mustafa nor other theater lovers will ever be able to see a piece in this theater again.

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