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9 Extraordinary Ways to Use the Tools of Your Trade in Protest

Different ways how to use tools of trades in protest.

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Why Being Human Matters for the People of Gaza and the World

Why Humans Matter and Why Dehumanization Leads to Violence ...

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Waging Nonviolence: People Powered News and Analysis

The onlince source reports on people-powered struggles for justice and peace around the globe

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Black power challenges a white Christmas in the Netherlands

While Black Pete figures are still showcased in shops, the Netherlands can no longer ignore the angry and dissident voices of people of color.

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We Are Many: Home free

A story of how Tim Aye-Hardy evaded and escaped a brutally repressive regime ...

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Mandela – 4 Corrections for a Teachable Moment

No one person, including Mandela, or even a single organization, can create a movement alone.

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Flotilla unsettles Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua

Awakening solidarity through “cultural exchange” in West Papua ...

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5 overlooked activist victories in 2013

What overlooked 2013 activist victories are we overlooking?

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Tunisia: ‘You can go to jail for a word or an idea’

Young people in Tunisia want freedom of expression.

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Spain – Activists Fight for their Housing Rights

Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement ...

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India’s Gulabi Gang – A Community Effort for All

We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — India’s Gulabi Gang

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“Nonviolent Peaceforce” for International Awareness

Can unarmed peacekeeping work in Syria?

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A Safe Zone for Women

Syrian women organize for security, one tent at a time ...

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Closing The Rail Lines

Everyday citizens make a difference by fighting local coal pollution ...

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Sharp’s Dictionary of Nonviolent Power and Struggle

Download the PDF "Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts" by Gene Sharp.

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Afghanistan gets its first nonviolence training manual

How to organize a nonviolent campaign within Afghan society ...

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The Power of Nonviolent Self-Defense

How can we handle dangerous encounters in a fair and nonviolent way, especially when inequalities of race come into play?

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Fast-food Strikes Continue

People working in fast-food restaurants are calling for raise.

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Golden toad revival sweeps UK banks

Performance activist Reverend Billy and his choir bring extinct toads to the lobbies of the UK's most climate-change-inducing banks.

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Nonviolent Defense

George Lakey is writing about possibilities of nonviolent defense.

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Marching Against Monsanto’s Banquet

Forget about the banquet that Monsanto has planned for us! We can get to work organizing our own organic, inclusive, and unregulated feast ...

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Organizing on Both Sides of the Border

The ›Day of Migrant Action‹ was held on May 3rd by organizations that work for migrant rights and against attacks on migrants and migrant rights defenders in Mexico.

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Relaxing Revolution

Waging Nonviolence say: Be careful as activist about burning out!

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Five Reasons to Get Naked (in Protest)

Nadine Bloch writes about nudity in protest and the different movements that use naked protest as a method of creative non-violent resistance worldwide, such as Femen. The article also focuses on the history of naked protest and was edited by our friends from Waging Nonviolence.

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